Finding Suitable Supplier
TIS team have been more than ten years inspection experience in deferent department in international  third inspection company and they knew about well many different suppliers in China, so TIS can be a buying agent of sourcing all over China with office in Ningbo City, Zhejiang. Somewhere in China is the perfect source for your company's products. But finding the suitable source is a difficult task for experienced professionals especially for some new and special products. That's where TIS can offer you a distinct advantage. We have strong network of suppliers in the China Region. 
  Quality Engineering Support
Come for TIS! With the qualified quality engineers and their at least 10+ years quality engineering experience in international companies, we can tailor our services to meet with your requirements by:
 Establishing the quality standard for your order to let your suppliers fully understand 
 your expectations (both the obvious ones and the potential ones)
 Smoothen your communications with your suppliers
 Controlling the preparation of raw material and all kinds of accessories
 Study the manufacturing processes to set up the process control system
 Design the experiments to find out the best manufacturing parameters
 Design related tests to detect and solve the potential quality problems
 Failure analysis and working out the action plan
 Monitor the production situation and find out the actions for discrepancy.
 Other requirements specified by you.