Residential inspection

TIS is able to provide resident inspection services to ensure compliance with project requirements, codes, standards, and specifications. We support our clientele in enhancing effective operations, minimizing risks, reducing failures, minimizing operating costs, determining integrity and extending the life-cycle of their assets.  All employees, whether full-time or part-time, are required to focus on customer needs, including service quality, timeliness and professional requirement to keep the customer expectations and TIS's demanding. TIS has experience on engineering material, steel structure, storage tank and pressure equipment, pipeline and pipeline systems, marine products etc.

 Technical service
TIS resident inspector will control the project process in the manufacturer work shop and report the detail findings to make sure that the client is aware of the project schedule and quality, during inspection they will focus on below items but not limited.

 Mill Assessment
Verify the capability of a manufacturer to meet contract conditions for quality, quantity and delivery terms per client’s requirements;

 Welding inspection
We have a number of proficient in international standards of CWI/ IWI, can be welding inspection for all customers to provide strong technical support and high efficient service, to provide to meet the requirements of product standards and the third party inspection services.

 NDT Inspection
TIS inspector can witness or perform UT/MT/PT/RT inspection services on law material, steel structure welds, forged/cast components, pressure equipment and other commodities for clients to confirm quality meet standards and contracts.

 Dimension and trail assembly inspection
TIS inspector will check dimensions of parts according to drawings after fit-up, and after the parts were welded they will check them again; if the trail assembly is required by client TIS inspector can witness and record the critical dimensions.

 Coating Inspection
Perform inspection during the full process of coating, performing VT inspection and using gages to check roughness, environmental temperature, humidity, DFT thickness and adhesion test to ensure that the painting process meet relevant standards and specification;

 Packing, loading and shipping inspection
Check the quality of packaging to make sure the packaging is seaworthy and strong enough especial for lifting lug, verify packing list is correct and take photo to show the loaded items and quantity per package. Witness the loading process to confirm no damage of coating or distortion of products. 

 Project Expediting
Perform project management and expedite fabrication process following client’s requirements. Coordinate each department to work together to confirm project moving forward following fabrication plan.