Quality and Safety Inspections for Internationally Traded Goods
As a manufacturer or importer, you should take the opportunity to protect yourself from unpleasant surprises. With on-site goods inspections and checks and inspections of manufacturing facilities, our experts can ensure the quality of your imports – whether they are finished goods, components, or electronic components. So, take advantage of our one-stop service! We can provide everything from monitoring manufacturing facilities and pre-shipment inspections to checking and endorsing the safety, product quality, and usability of your imported goods.
  Pre shipment inspection ( PSI )
PSI is a most effective inspection to confirm the whole shipment's quality level. The checked samples are randomly selected according to AQL standard.
PSI 100% production finished(all the production process are finished, including production, after treatment, individual packing and factory QC check), and at least 80% packed into cartons, with balance under packing stage should be ready for inspection.
A Pre-Shipment Inspection is a systematic inspection of units selected at random from all batches of your order, conducted when your production is at least 80% complete. This is your final opportunity to take corrective action before your production is finished and packed;
Don't take any risks with your order. Ensure the products meets your specifications before you settle final payment.
  The FOCUS of PSI
  • Quantity
  • Packing, Marking, assortment
  • Workmanship of whole goods
  • On site test
  • Product specification
    (if available)
  • Special requirement
    (if rised by client)