Pre inspection meeting
Prior to start of manufacturing, it is better that client and TIS's inspector can conduct an initial visit to vendor's shop to hold a pre-inspection meeting in order to review together with vendor’s responsible management member

If vendor's inspection procedure meets client's requirement of contract on inspection/tests.
To ensure that all parties thoroughly understand the purchase order.
Verify supplier understanding of established Witness and Hold Points.
To Get clarification on any of the requirement that we do not understand.
Documents will be reviewed in specific detail and we will discuss them with the supplier during meeting. For Example: ITP, Welding, NDE, Coating, Drawing etc.
All outstanding items recognized during engineering stage will be discussed and try to be solved at this meeting.
Notes any exceptions that the Supplier raised and inquired if the Supplier has taken any other exceptions to the specification requirement.
  Agenda of Pre-inspection Meeting
 Organization and communication channel
 Contract Review
 Applicable code and specifications
 Document & drawing issue status and schedule
 Fabrication sequence and schedule
 Technical clarifications
 Inspection and Test plan (ITP) & inspection procedures
 Inspection Report format
 Special process (Welding, etc.)
 Procurement and suborder status
 Confirmation of sub-vendors
 Sub-order work
 Machining, NDE, PWHT & others
 RT facility & performance, PWHT facility size
 witness by relevant parties and hold points
 Notification systems Inspection schedule, shop inspection, final inspection release, etc.
 Required document for witness inspection
 Nonconformance reporting
 Third party inspection & release note
 Review of vendor’s QA/QC system
 Factory load status
 Shop tour including progress check
 Others (if any)